Honeycomb is a material consisting of kraft liner formed into continuous uniform hexagonal cells, "honeycomb".

  • It is a dynamic product whose uses are limited only by the imagination.

  • Honeycomb distinctive cellular pattern and unique ability to bend and stretch into countless shapes and patterns invites imaginative uses.

    Reduction of sound transmission and deadening of vibrational energy are other advantages of this
  • Pound for pound, Honeycomb is the strongest and most economical core material available for use today. The cellular form provides outstanding top-to-bottom compression, making this product an ideal component to replace wood pallets.

    Less weight, lower freight cost, recyclable, cleaner, safer, structurally stronger, reusable, resistant to shock, insulation value, cushions, protects and extremely low thermal conductivity factors are the wide range of honeycomb advantages.

    Honeycomb is recyclable and bio degradable, and in many cases can replace the foam-type products used in inner packing